Emergency Sahel Shelter Kit: Warehouse and vegetable storage versions

The Shelter Research Unit (SRU) presents its newest publication. The SRU was asked to conduct a review study to analyze the current shelter solution, especially for warehouse or vegetable storage versions.

The overall objectives of the IFRC-SRU consultancy was to produce a basic technical review focused on the standardization of a reviewed shelter and improvements of the durability of the product, notably for the storage in warehousing. The present document summarizes the SRU study and it describes in detail the proposed Sahel Shelter Kit Solution (download link here below).

The results and findings of the project conducted in the time from June 2017 to November 2017 to provide a response to the need for a context base emergency shelter solution adapted to the Sahel area in western Africa. The document is based on the requirements defined in structured conversations with the Luxembourg Red Cross (LRC) team at their headquarters (HQ) and field visits to several countries in the Sahel region.

Interested? Download the review by clicking on this link! (PDF, 3MB)

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