Cladding and Fixing Conference

The conference for 2014 was on the topic of Cladding and Fixing. The focus of this conference was on quality and performance of different cladding materials used in humanitarian sector such as tarpaulins, shade nets, and different tent-fabrics. In addition,a whole number of different fixings found on the market as well as traditional field solutions will be explored.

Please find below the presentations from the conference.

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Presentation slides


Isabelle De Muyser-World Humanitarian Summit (632 kB)

Graham Saunders- Problem statement (428 kB)

Cristoforo Damiano – Touareg shelter field experience (913 kB)

Ine de Vilder – Lab testing cladding (2 MB)

Prof Mollaert – Tensioned surface structures-clever roof (2 MB)

Vincent Virgo -Plastic sheeting (1 MB)

Javier Vila Ferrero-Fixings to rope (2 MB)

Mark Wooding – Insulating cladding materials (818 kB)

Jan Roekens – Ropes and tensioners (1 MB)

Roel Gijsbers- Strap connections wood.-bamboo (1 MB)

Prof Akalin – Non woven fabrics (2 MB)

VincentVirgo-Insulation needs (2 MB)

Guy Buyle-Material fire testing (836 kB)


Javier Vila Ferrero-Fixings to framework (1 MB)

Bill Flinn – Future proof cladding (3 MB)

Cecilia Braedt – CGI Roofing manual (832 kB)

Daniel Ledesma – Field testing on CGI – roofing fixings (1 MB)

Jean Lamesch -CGI sheeting (1 MB)

Tom Newby – Sacrificial cladding (454 kB)

Cecilia Braedt- Shelter Solutions Database (682 kB)


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