Innovative humanitarian shelter

The 5th IFRC-SRU conference was hosted by German Red Cross in Berlin on May 3rd and 4th under the topic “Innovative Humanitarian Shelter- tried solutions and new ideas”.

During the two days, 86 participants exchanged on what innovation could or should mean for the Shelter sector, looking from various perspectives from technical and material improvements, innovation of traditional techniques and as well as participatory development of national guidelines or the use of data and forecast-based financing for better preparedness.

The humanitarian sector was represented by 8 Red Cross Red Cresecent National Societies and the IFRC, 2 UN organisations (UNICEF, UNHCR) some 8 NGOs (CRS, NRC, CRAterre, friendship Bangladesh, MSF France and Spain, GIZ, Humantektur) and several freelance consultants. Furthermore researchers from 8 Universities and Research Institutes as well as independant researchers and 10 suppliers and start-ups for emergency shelter solutions and shelter related NFIs participated to the conference.

The conference gave ample opportunity for networking and expert exchange between the different actors involved or interested in humanitarian sheltering.

Please see below for the agenda and the presentations from the conference.
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AGENDA Innovative Humanitarian Shelter Conference


Tuesday 03-05-2016

IFRC-SRU introduction_Marc Crochet_IFRC-SRU

Obsessions of the Humanitarian Innovation Sector_Shaun Hazeldine_IFRC

Humanitarian Evidence Programme_Elizabeth Parker_UCL-HFH-HEP_

Analytical frameworks for shelter_Kaat Boon_Build-up_IFRC-SRU

Forecast based financing_Alexandra Rüth_GRC

Nepal Research_Jamie Richardson_CRS_Charles Parrack_Oxford brookes

Seismic Banding_Moles Olivier_CRAterre

Solutions for sandy soil affected by landslides_Nahavitatsara Angelo_MalegassiRC

Smart Shelter Research_ Martijn Schildkamp_independant researcher

Wednesday 04-05-2016

Shelter Accessibility Innovation_James Kennedy accessibility_NRS

Standards for Sheltering Refugees in Germany_Sonia Molina Metzger_GRC_IFRC-SRU_independant consultant

National Guideline for Shelter-Rural housing Bangladesh_Kazi Amdadul Hoque_Friendship-BD

Disruptive ideas for self build_Prof Pedresi_Uni-Edinburgh

20 Shelters_sustainability assessment_Edwin Zea_ETH

Smart use of (big) data for faster and more (cost) effectivte repsonse_Maarten v.d. Veen_NLRC

Improving Ebola Centers_Veronica Sanchez_independant consultant


Posters (in alphabetical order)

Bamboo Connectors_RijkBlok_TUe
Clever Roof_Jan Roekens_VUB
Climate Adaptive Large Scale Shelter_Eefje Hendriks_TUe
Cocoon_Marta Barozzi_PoliMi
Containers shelter system_Toby Harden_Humanihut
HUSH Transitional Shelter_Susie Mair_Extremis Technology
Innovating PE tents_Alpinter
Innovative-textile-solutions_Dirk Scharpé_SIOEN
LIFESHELTER_Torben Holm Larsen_Real Relief
Multipurpose Unit_Salvatore Viscuso_PoliMi
Polymer Foam House_Andreas Mohr_PMFhousing
Refugee Housing Unit_Tim deHaas_Better Shelter
Sheltersocket_Mia Pagh_NRS-Flexiway
Winterisation Materials_InedeVilder_Centexbel

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