Winterization Conference

The 4th conference organised and hosted by the IFRC-SRU, took place in Luxembourg, on May 20 and 21st at the Forum da Vinci – Luxembourg.

As in previous years the conference presented relevant academic and operational research, as well as  field experience on the topic of WINTERIZATION.  IFRC-SRU gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the ALIAI, Fondation Veuve Emile Metz Tesch, IFRC Shelter and Settlements department and the Benelux National Societies.

You may find below the presentations from the conference. For further information please email:

Presentation slides


Corinne Treherne – Problem statement common practices and typical problems & examples

Luc Stoffel – Field Experience update Nepal

Cecilia Braedt – Overview test criteria and methodolgy

Vincent Virgo – Winter criteria & discussion

Daniel Ledesma – Field testing in Mongolia

Chris Trott – Engineering performance for sustainable flexible buildings

Ine de Vilder -Testing insulation materials

Vincent Virgo – Material research for winter solutions

S Viscuso & S Aliprandi – Fillable Textile Wall

Roel Gijsbers – Structural winterisation upgrades to support snow-loadsBettina Morgenstern – Field case northern Iraq – Winterization in unfinished buildings

Bettina Morgenstern – Field case northern Iraq – Winterization in unfinished buildings

Gert Ludeking – Testing winterised shelter solution in Erbil

Prof M. Akalin – Innovative insulation materials and heat producing materialsCristina Pusceddu – Lightweight insulation system for Emergency ShelterThermal Reflective Multi-layer System



Daniel Ledesma – New Winter design for Turkish Red Crescent tent and results of Mongolia field testing

Vera Kreuwles – Strategies for thermal performance – Air tightness

Marc Cox – Zero energy and low cost sheltering

Daniel Ledesma – Simple upgrades for local stove solutions

Myriam Jacoby – Field experience Ukraine winterisation for collective centers

Tim de Haas – Cardboard as insulation material for cold climate shelters

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