Mongolia: Winterized Tent Solution

Project NAME “R&D of winterized Shelter Solution for Mongolia”Earthquake/Dzud Disaster Preparedness
FUNDING British Red Cross Society
SCOPE  This technical research aims to review the shelter items defined in the IFRC EIC, namely the standard family tent and the winterization kit. Based on the suitability of these items to protect affected population from extreme cold climate condition, new items will be developed or the existing ones improve in order to achieve the appropriate technical specification. The specifications defined in this research will be taken as a starting point and reference to measure and evaluate the performance of the developed solutions.
The final goal is develop a Family shelter to be used globally to provide protection against extreme cold climate to the affected populations in case of a disaster. The specifications for the solution shall be submitted for inclusion in the IFRC EIC as winter shelter and/or winterization kit for extreme cold climate.
DURATION 12 months, December 2013 to December 2014



Four earthquakes have been recorded in Mongolia since 1906 in the range of M7.4 to M8.1. In addition, low rates of crustal movement unexpectedly produce large magnitude earthquakes. During winter temperatures in Ulaanbaatar reach -32°C and temperatures are usually below 0°C between October and April (possibly the coldest capital in the world). Winter in late 2009 and early 2010 as well as the following spring were extremely harsh for the herding communities of Mongolia who represent approximately 30 per cent of the country’s population. According to the Mongolian government, up to 9 million head of livestock perished due to the extreme weather conditions.

About 35% of Mongolia’s 3M people live in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Many live in multi-story, Soviet-style apartment buildings. Furthermore, rapid urbanisation in Ulaanbaatar and settlement of newly-arrived households into unplanned slums throughout the capital have strained local services and authorities’ capacity to meet increased needs.


This project is scheduled to provide:

  • Technical specifications of winterized emergency shelter (tent, winterization kit, stove, etc.) fulfilling the established criteria. For a full list of the criteria for each item listed here please contact the research officer:
  • One final winterized shelter prototype

The proposed shelter solution is aimed to provide immediate aid to affected population in case of a disaster in countries with extreme cold weather conditions, supporting survival, getting safely through the first days after a disaster. The overall objective is to be able to deliver emergency shelter solution appropriate to protect families from extreme weather conditions, easy to store, easy to transport and fast/easy to assembly. In this sense, we will take Mongolian climate condition as determinant, but foreseeing its use in other similar weather contexts.


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