Philippines: Hurricane Resitant Roofing

Project NAME Technical support to make local construction techniques in the Philippines more hurricane resistant
FUNDING FVEMT, Belgian Red Cross – french speaking community, Swiss Red Cross, Belgian Red Cross- Flemish, IFRC
SCOPE  To investigate identified and relevant technical questions and produce relevant resources for technical support to the reconstruction effort.
DURATION 11 months, January 2014 to  December 2014


As the pictures of the devastation after Typhoon Hayan show clearly, the most affected were as always the huts and houses of the poor, who don’t have the means to buy high quality construction materials and consult engineers when they construct.

Given Philippines’ exposure to typhoons and other natural disasters as flooding and landslides, it is obvious that construction techniques need to be  improved. The improvements need to start at the anchoring of lightweight buildings and particularly target the fixings of structural joints as well as of cladding materials to the structure. Additionally, solid and comprehensible technical information on material performance is critical.

Low cost construction does not have to mean poor quality. Sometimes little technical details make all the difference. In addition, most of the material solutions exist, but there is a lack of clear comprehensible information on exact performance of the commonly used materials, like CGI sheets and related fixings, particularly on their application in supper low-low-cost construction.


  • Compile findings and recommendations in a field manual on the use of CGI sheets and related fixings.
  • Disseminate relevant technical basics in the form of practical workshops and information sessions for people who are rebuilding their homes as well as agencies that are supporting reconstruction
  • Promote safer construction of low-cost housing in the areas at risk
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