Turkey: Winterization Solution


Project NAME Development of a winterization kit for the shelter response in the Syria crisis.
FUNDING Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg
SCOPE  The main objective is to fast-track development of a winterisation solution for tents to be used in support of Syrian refugees in Turkey as well as other countries receiving Syrian refugees. Additionally, the project aims to propose new insulation materials and/or complete winterization solutions for entry in the Emergency Items Catalogue.
DURATION 9 months, December 2013 to September 2014



Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria the number of people fleeing from the conflict to neighbouring countries is rising. In the different countries different solutions are provided to shelter the people in need. Wherever there is no better solution camps are set up to receive the refugees, or tents and other shelter materials are distributed.
However the different tents provided as of today do not include a winterization solution necessary to withstand the colder climates of some of the regions where refugees are sheltered. In the Southeast of Turkey for example, where some 200,000 refugees are hosted in 21 camps, the average temperature from December to March is below 5⁰C and can even drop below 0⁰C. The situation in the other countries receiving Syrian refugees is similarly precarious.

With winter approaching fast and not sufficient alternative means of sheltering, there is an urgent need to “winterize” the tents, that is to add insulating layers and identify efficient and safe heating solutions . With cooking and heating solutions installed inside the tents the need for flame resistance of the tent materials becomes critical to avoid outbreak of fires, a common disaster in camp situations.



  • Identify, set and report  3 isolation materials complete withtechnicalspecifications .
  • Report on Prototypes for a winterization kit/ solution
  • Report on testing of prototypes of winter kit/solution and validation of best performing prototype


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