Worldwide: Tent R&D Solution

Project NAME Tent Research and Development Project
SCOPE  To strengthen the shelter response of humanitarian actors by improving the Global Shelter Cluster surge capacity and shelter preparedness.
DURATION 5 months, July 2014 to December 2014



The development of the Family Tent in 2009/2010 jointly made by UNHCR, ICRC and IFRC ended with an improved version of the Family Tent.  Nevertheless, several aspects of the tent can evolve to achieve a lighter solution at a lower cost, with less production/transport/storage constraints, keeping the high level of efficiency.

To continue these efforts IFRC/ICRC and UNHCR decided to launch a Research and Development (R&D) project since 2011 to develop a light weight tent solution – improving the stability of the frame structure and performing in term of fire retardancy.

In regard of the analysis of the 3 tent models developed and tested in 2013, a revised design ” improved dome tent ” has been pre-selected and will be evaluated in 2014 with the technical support of the IFRC-SRU.



The following activities will take place:

  • Evaluation of the performance of the new tent model using thermic software.
  • Participation in technical working group meetings
  • Establishment of a testing protocol for wam and cold environments



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